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The new mouse: Click picture to see video

With the release of Apple's operating system OSX 10.5 I knew the jig was up.  Some new features of last-year's operating system were non-functional on the older Power PC (PPC) versions of the iMac.  I had a Power PC. That started my savings plan.  

When OSX 10.6 came out a couple of months ago there was no PPC support. Not unexpected.  The old machine served me well for almost 4 years.  No major surgery; system rebuilds.  It just ran. It will now be retired to the entertainment room as a music player and photo display.  

It is replaced with a new iMac, configured with a 27" screen, an Intel i5, a quad core machine, and 8 GB RAM.  Lots of room to grow.  While memory and CPU utilization were pegged with PPC, this one reports lots of capacity.