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My Wife Has Left Me

Added on by Bill.

After over 30 years of marriage ... 

... she knows it's time to leave the house when I start doing the taxes.  It's a ritual.  She'll be back for dinner.  It should be safe by then.  

How Marketing Killed the Telephone

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It is difficult to get away from marketing messages: duct cleaning; estate agents; cruises; timeshares... These represent most of the calls we receive. At home, at work, on the go via cell.

I don't answer the phone anymore. If it is important they will leave a voice message. most callers don't leave a message. Most of those that do at work are sales requests asking me to meet with them for 30 minutes or 20 minutes.  

For personal calls I use FaceTime or Skype. Only a few of my friends and family continue to rely on traditional technologies.   

At some point the ratio of nuisance calls will be a such a multiple that owning a phone will be intolerable. It may be that it has been reached and the only reason I keep the line is because of the security system.  It's time to investigate alternatives.


Added on by Bill.

The video I published in December, aptly named Ice, has become the subject of copyright disputes.  In question is the background music.  

As I understand it, when content is submitted to YouTube an automated process--a robot--is activated to assess if there are any copyright violations.  Should it find any,  the submitter and the owner of the matched content are informed.  The robot offers to the submitter the option to either acknowledge or dispute the claim.  The owner may then take action accordingly.

In my case I disputed the claim as the material is in the public domain, in terms of both content and the performance.  As a result the claim was released.

However, I find now there is a second claimant.  This makes me wonder how many of these claims I might receive? Is this it or could there be more? Will the Robot go amok sending me be tens, hundreds or even thousands of notification?  Obviously concerning.

As a first step I have provided the same explanation to the second claimant but also taken the additional step and I have submitted feedback to Google recommending process improvements:

  1. When multiple copyright owners match the same material there should be an option enabled by the submitter to automatically provide the same dispute rational to each complainant rather than what seems to be the current practice of individual manual responses.  This would allow claimants the opportunity to assess the case prior to submitting a formal claim.  Furthermore it would speed up the resolution process as a result of more timely responses.  Claimants however have the opportunity to accept or reject individually and in such cases the submitter will need to address accordingly.
  2. Google should notify each complainant of the existence of other complainants. 

Bread and Water

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Earlier I reported the arrival of a bread maker.  To this point I have tried a number of recipes but I think the consensus of opinion among our family on which is the favourite is this light rye.  

A key ingredient is 3/4 cup of beer.  That leaves what remains in the bottle to the discretion of the cook.  

Organic Lager Leica M, Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f0.95, ISO 200, f/0.95, 1/180 sec

Organic Lager
Leica M, Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f0.95, ISO 200, f/0.95, 1/180 sec

While bread and water has often been reported as the diet of the prisoner, with this bread that would not be so bad.