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Added on by Bill.

I've been upgrading my darkroom.  My entry into large format photography has placed demands which Darkroom 1.0 was unable to support. I've separated the wet and dry areas according to traditional darkroom design practices.  The wet side is where one does the development. As I follow a hybrid analogue-digital model, the dry side hosts my computer, scanner, printer and work area for framing pictures. Same capabilities as a traditional darkroom, just different technologies.  The dry area is set up, the wet side remains in progress. 

To complete the wet side will require plumbing and a darkroom sink. This being more complicated extended timelines result.  Finding a sink being on the critical path.  So until this is complete I will use the framing area as the wet zone. Yet even with this interim state, Darkroom 1.5 improves the level of maturity of the core capabilities.  

View of the darkroom in action. 

Keeping in Touch

Added on by Bill.

Over the last few weeks I've received many requests for me to opt-in to continue receiving e-mails. This is a result of the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation scheduled to come into effect July 1st.

For the most part I have declined the offer. I expect e-mail volumes to reduce upto 50%. I sincerely look forward to this outcome.  

Maybe I'm a dreamer but I don't think I'm the only one.  


Added on by Bill.

Today I released my third eBook, the second in the Our Tours series. These books are made for the iPad.  They can be found in the Publication section of this blog.  They are free.  

There is a printed edition of my book Serengeti Portrait, but at an exorbitant price (there's a free eBook edition).