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Today I released my third eBook, the second in the Our Tours series. These books are made for the iPad.  They can be found in the Publication section of this blog.  They are free.  

There is a printed edition of my book Serengeti Portrait, but at an exorbitant price (there's a free eBook edition).

Passing: December 23, 2006 - June 19, 2014

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Suddenly, after a short period of reduced functioning, our coffee machine passed on.  It entered the repair shop June 12th with an initial diagnosis of a failing pump.  Later was added a failing heater and poor suction.  Repeated attempts to recover the device resulted in a failure of the cost-benefit analysis.  

The machine bound into our world delivering over 20 cups in the first evening. From then on, each morning it reliably delivered two cups of coffee to me, and God knows for the rest of the family.  It served us well at dinner parties delivering countless cappuccino's and lattes.  

In lieu of flowers please send donations to you favourite charity.    


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The impetus to go to Vancouver in the first place was to attend the Annual Georgian Dinner. I have attended school events held locally.  But this year, as one classmate put it, was different; we would all be 60.  

While I'm considered part of the class of '72, I moved to Montreal in 1967. So I have not seen any of these guys for 47 years.   

Leica M, Leica Noctilux-M 50mm, ISO 200, f/0.95, 1/45 sec
Class of 1972

There were five fellows at the table who were at the school when I attended.  Interestingly, while I may not have recognised them had I bumped into them on the street, knowing who they were, I could still see their faces of so long ago.