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Added on by Bill.

It's going to be dark soon. As I sit here in the den eating my cheese and crackers I'm using one of the few electrical devices that work. My Blackberry. I can get e-mail and I can update my blog.

There has been a power failure. This is the first time in several years. But it would happen today.

At least the temperature is moderate. No need for a furnace. No need for air conditioning.

Linda said it's a time to embrace some traditional pass-times, like reading a book and then without pause announced she was leaving to go and play bridge.

Linda's gone.

It's getting too dark to read.

I arrived at the subway this morning at the usual time. Caught the first train out of Finch. The boy came down with me. He had a final exam today. 9:00.

As we approached the third station going south, York Mills, an announcement advised the train would be turning back at the next station and everyone was to leave the train. There was some problem further down the track [1]. Shuttle buses would take us to St. Claire.

This has happened several times before. Usually there are no shuttle buses, only a lot of people milling about trying to figure out what to do and where to go.

I dread this.

This time seemed different.

Sometimes you end up getting back on the train as it just continues on. My neurotic side attributes such events to a grander scheme to take my seat and force me to stand the remainder of the trip.

When we arrived at the designated spot there were buses. Surprise. They quickly loaded and were off.

In the end the whole episode only added about 15 minutes to the commute. The return trip would be much longer. But not due to lack of shuttle buses.

It was because of traffic.

On the return home, in the leg of subway still working there is a portion that runs out side. As we passed through that section there was a tremendous thunder storm and downpour.

As a result there was a power failure which affected the traffic lights which in turn affected the traffic.

As I finally got to our street I noticed fallen branches from the trees.

The colours after a storm are impressive.

It's quiet. Only the wind. No power. It's getting dark.

More cheese.

Sunday Golf

Added on by Bill.

Yesterday Linda and I played our first Sunday Golf game. A little less strenuous than Saturday's games. No cramps. I guess eating a bunch of bananas and some calcium-magnesium pills helped.

First game of the year

Added on by Bill.

The weather Saturday was great, hovering in the low 20's. After a bit of a frost-delay we took on the East Course at Cardinal.

Early into the game I started to suffer cramps. By the 14th hole it was to the point where I couldn't walk so I stopped playing and returned to the club house. From my reading [1] there are several potential drivers of cramps:

  1. Injury
  2. Activity
  3. Dehydration
  4. Chemical (e.g., low calcium, magnesium, potassium)
  5. Age
Naturally, I want to find the cause and take the necessary action. I can't do anything about age; the injury driver, for yesterday may actually be relevant in that (1) my left foot still bothered me as a result of an injury I suffered last October (2) new shoes: they were stiff and a little tight due to wearing heavy socks.

During the game, while drinking a lot of water, I switched to a sports drink in an effort to refill my electrolytes. May have been too little, too late. But I'll look into vitamin supplements.

Resodding the back yard

Added on by Bill.

After I put in the sprinkler system I will need to re-sod:

Preparation [1]:

  • choose the right type of grass
  • measure the area to be covered
  • smooth and level area to be covered; use a roller
  • remove all pebbles, sticks and debris
  • Loosen top layer of soil or spread new top soil to about 1/2 to 1 inch deep
  • Spread out dolomite lime at a quantity of 50 lbs per 500 sq ft.
  • spread out starter fertilizer
  • rake lawn lightly to work the lime and fertilizer into the top soil

Laying sod
  1. lay sod immediately before it heats up
  2. moisten the area immediately before laying sod (never lay on dry ground)
  3. start laying out sod along a straight edge; stagger so short edges don't line up
  4. Hand tamp sod edges
  5. use a serrated knife to cut around edges

After laying sod
  1. when all sod laid, soak it down well and rollout with a lawn roller
  2. avoid walking on the newly laid sod for three to four weeks