Golf: Breaking 80, #3

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Along with a couple of friends, Linda and I will be going to the Launch this morning. We will get two adjacent lanes as I want to do some video taping. This gives me enough room to position the video camera in back and to the side of the player.

Although, at this time of year, one can expect crowds and thus difficulties in getting even a single lane, I don't anticipate any problems today.

After our session we will return home and I'll load the video into our Leadbetter Interactive tool and do the analysis. This tools has two elements: (1) instructional videos that run through the key elements of the golf swing; this *yawn* is a common feature of instructional tapes (2) an analysis tool that allows one to review video of their swing and identify specific flaws. The tool then recommends drills to fix the flaws. This is the part that is really good as it identifies ones own flaws and corresponding remedies.

I think this tool is good for the novice and the intermediate player to help identify and fix the "large grain" issues. The more experienced player is probably looking at addressing more subtle issues which require a trainer to deal with.

Test #2

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This just in: you can paste photos to the widget. As you can see, there's something missing. It seems to include the link, but the image is not actually uploaded.


Test Post

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I just downloaded the Blogger Widget for Mac. It doesn't seem to be as functional as the standard html form available on the site. The features I use most often are the spell check, html links, photos and quote block.

After pressing the publish button it does provide the option to see the post right away and therefore might be a good way get the first cut of a draft.


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Our car was crunched a couple of weeks ago; no one injured. It was the passenger side that took the brunt of the damage. We'll be getting a replacement in the next few days.

Each experience offers some learnings, ranging from the sublime to the less so:

As the impact was on the passenger side, the glove compartment was inaccessible. Like most people, that is where we keep our registration and proof of insurance. Fortunately I also keep a copy of the insurance in my wallet so at least I was able to provide the policy number to a trusting police officer.