Men don't listen

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My wife was complaining that I wasn't listening to her. Not completely true. I heard her speaking but the meaning of her conversation didn't really sink in. I was writing a blog entry and my focus was placed there.

I've heard this complain before. A search of "men don't listen" on Google returns 11.5 million hits, suggesting this is a commonly reported event.

BBC Reports [1]:

There may be a ring of truth in the female complaint that men never seem to listen to a word they say.


Researchers in the United States have found that men only listen with half their brain, while women use both sides.

In related articles returned by the search, apparently women can't read maps.



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I was reading an article in CIO Magazine, Eight Financial Reasons Why You Should Use Mac OS, which in summary stated:

  1. Macs bring a better overall value proposition
  2. Macintosh licensing fees are cheaper
  3. The Mac desktop spawns fewer calls to the help desk
  4. Mac users are more productive workers
  5. Macs last longer
  6. Mac OS is more secure
  7. Mac is just as cost-effective as Windows to manage and administer
  8. Add Macs while hanging on to your investments in other OSes

The fourth point was particularly interesting. In a study conducted by Gistics:

Among many other findings, the authors concluded that Mac creative professionals were producing $26,000 more each in annual revenues for their employers than their Windows counterparts.

I can confirm that finding with my own experience. For example, I was reading a blog where the word Bigot was used. I right clicked on the word, selecting lookup, and up popped the Dictionary provided with Leopard that provided a dictionary definition, thesaurus, as well as a the corresponding entry in Wikipedia. That was easy.


Turban Squash

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There are many types of squash. What's Cooking America cites 15 types of squash (and the Cook's Thesaurus offers the variant names), including: Acorn, Ambercup, Autumn Cup, Banana, Butternut, Buttercup, Carnival, Delicata or Sweet Potato or Bohemian, Fairytail Pumpkin, Gold Nugget or Golden Nugget or Oriental, Hubbard, Kabocha or Japanese, Spaghetti or Calabash, Sweet Dumpling, and Turban.

On Turban Squash it says:

Turban Squash has colors that vary from bright orange, to green or white. It has golden-yellow flesh and its taste is reminiscent to hazelnut. Has a bulb-like cap swelling from its blossom end, come in bizarre shapes with extravagant coloration that makes them popular as harvest ornamentals. It is popular for centerpieces, and its top can be sliced off so it can be hollowed and filled with soup. A larger variety of the buttercup squash, the turban has a bright orange-red rind. The turban-like swirl on its blossom end is a fanciful variegated orange, red and white. Its flesh and storage ability are comparable to the buttercup's.
Our Turban Squash looks like this:

But the real question is how does one serve it:
  • Stuffed Turban Squash
    Includes a vegetable and pork sausage stuffing
  • As a soup [see also 1]
    Mix with leeks, carrot and onion, cooked in chicken stock
  • Puree
    Scooped out of the skin and mixed with ginger

China, 2008

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It's time to start planning our vacation schedule for 2008. This year we are considering China.

The first step is to settle on the broad objectives and then translate that into a proposed list of locations. The step following is to verify each proposed location offers something of interest or relevance to the objective.

The objective is to visit our son in China. He's located in Yangzhou which is near Shanghai. Therefore Shanghai (and Yangzhou) are on the list. We'll want to see my sister-in-law in Hong Kong (so add Hong Kong to the list). Next, we'd like to see Tibet and the "Silk Road."

Thus the first draft of proposed locations is:

Up on Leopard

Added on by Bill.

Leopard was delivered today around noon, and it's now installed. In preparation I:

  • Recorded all my product serial numbers
  • Backed up my passwords (key chain)
  • Backed up my data files
  • Verified my drives (one internal, two external)
  • Cleared logs and caches
The installation process began after I returned home from work:
  • 5:38 Loaded Leopard Installation Disk
    Read the various "read-me" files
  • 5:51 Pressed the Install Button
    DVD loaded
  • 5:54 Answer first in a series of questions
  • 5:55 Welcome Screen presented
    Selected various options
  • 5:57 Pressed the Install Button
    installation process verified the disk
  • 6:18 Installation process started
  • 7:12 System rebooted
  • 7:13 Signed on to Leopard
Everything seems to be running; Time Machine is now backing up my system.