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Added on by Bill.

I periodically look at the usage statistics for my blog:

Operating Systems

  • 73% use some flavour of Windows, ranging from Win9x to Vista
  • 6.5% iPhone users
  • 1.2% Linux
  • 0.1% playstation


  • 49.3 use some flavour or IE
  • Firefox and Safari are at 21.6% and 14.74% respectively
  • Chrome makes an appearance at 2.6%


  • 50% from Canada; 20.3% from Germany; 8% from the United States; 6.5% from the United Kingdom
  • Top 10 cities: Thornhill, Waterloo, Berlin, Unionville, Don Mills, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Esher, Munich

Sources of Traffic

  • 62% is direct traffic
  • 15% Google

Top search terms

  • Lumix g2; Bill Hertha; sulze recipe; aesthetic group gymnastics 2009

I'm less popular than my camera (the G1) but more popular than sulze. Quite a wide range.