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We arrived in Page, Arizona at about 11:30AM.  Our planned rafting ride down the Colorado was scheduled to start at 1:00; we were asked to be there 30 minutes early.  

We left our hotel in the Grand Canyon at about 4:45AM. We stopped at Lupin Point, Navajo Point and Desert View (all within the Grand Canyon) to see the sun rise.  Three perspectives on a view of river, cliff and canyon.  

On our way to Page we stopped a few times to see the Little Colorado Gorge, Marble Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs and the Navajo Bridge crossing the Colorado River.  

But the best, in my mind, was the ride down the Colorado River itself.  On our hikes in the Grand Canyon we only saw the river from afar. Here--now--we were right on the river. A different perspective; in one sense claustrophobic given the several-hundred foot cliffs bracketing much of the journey.  Our guide, a Navajo, provided a colourful and musical journey.  

Colorado River

Yet, the trip started in the most bizarre manner; a security check by a portly bearded fellow wearing a brilliant-yellow vest emblazoned in black letters Security. We were searched for weapons. The definition of weapon included a Swiss army knife. While I didn't think much about it at the time, upon reflection it reminds me how the world has changed. It's not only the check itself, but that no one complained.  We have all been convinced that such things are necessary; we have been moved to acceptance of such behaviour.  On further reflection I don't think being sodomized by a Turkish Guard would be any worse.


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This iris are beginning to bloom.  

Leica, Leica Elmarit-M 90mm f/2.7, ISO 160, f/4.0, 1/8s

My course on Fine Art Nature Photography is finished.  These are some of the learnings about what adding textures / overlays to photographs can do:

  • it can warm a picture
  • it softens the "digitalness" of a shot
  • it can add a physical feel dimension to a shot
  • it enables the introduction of randomness into the palette and the canvass
  • background interest
  • use it to create an more sophisticated antique look
  • use to fix gaps in original shot such as blown out areas




Texture #6

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The baseline shot was taken while moving the camer upward to get a slight blurring effect. To this shot I applied four layers of masking. Two layers applied a texture; two applied colour. The next effect is below. 

Leica M9, Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1, ISO 160, f/8, 1/15s