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I have a number of old Konica AR lenses, many from the 1980's.  In terms of quality my experience using them on my Panasonic G1 has been very positive.  However, that is a crop sensor which selects pixels only from the centre--the best part--of the lens.

I recently got hold of an adapter that would allow me to fit these lenses onto my M9.  I wanted to try the 135mm.  The lens fits well on the M9 body, and does not block the view finder.  But there is a catch.  The rangefinder focusing mechanism does not work, leaving only the distance markings on the lens to estimate the focus.  Shooting hyper-focal is an option, but with a long lens the range in focus is not that deep.  

As I begin this experiment the focusing  process is iterative. Fortunately years of computer science have taught me many search strategies; I've started with a binary search method.  

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An Earlier Generation X

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In the 1950s Magnum created portfolios for "Generation X". Every photographer was given a group project: the task of portraying the new generation in the country he was visiting. The selected individuals were each interviewed using the same questionnaire, herein creating a fascinating portrait of a future generation. "Generation X" was published throughout the world. This video highlights Werner Bischof's trip to India and Japan and the people he photographed and interviewed on his journey.